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 Deon Jackson

Detroit’s assembly line cranked out not only automobiles but top notch hungry talent pouring out from the street corners of the Motor City. One particular singer/ songwriter would fulfill his dream with just a stroke of a happy go lucky pen.

Deon Jackson was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Jan 26, 1946.  He studied various instruments such as the drums and the clarinet. Jackson was discovered at a talent show at Ann Arbor High School(where he attended) by DJ / record producer, the late Ollie McLaughlin.

McLaughlin produced and recorded Deon’s first composition on Atlantic Records entitled, ‘Come Back Baby’ b/w ‘Nursery Rhymes’, released in 1964.

Deon would compose a tune that would captivate him into stardom. ‘Love Makes The World Go ‘Round’.

In a 2008 Chicago Sun-Times interview conducted by Dave Hoekstra, Deon recalls he was in the dining room and his sister was washing dishes. The lyrics just came out; ‘love makes the see-saws go up and down and without spring the birdies just couldn't sing’. Jackson said his sister came flying
out of the kitchen saying, ‘I like that’. Deon put it on a four-loop track and took it Ollie. It sat for a year until another songwriter friend played it for him. McLaughlin thought she wrote it but claimed that Jackson composed it.

Released on McLaughlin’s Carla label (named after one of his daughters) ‘Love Makes The World Go ‘Round’ b/w ‘You Said You Loved Me’ charted (No. 3 on Billboard’s R&B Singles chart, the week ending Sat March 5, 1966).

Recorded at Universal Studios in Chicago backed by the Red Saunders Orchestra, the Gambrell’s, a local girls group that Ollie McLaughlin encountered at a Detroit high school, provided the background vocals. The song was done in one take.

The Gambrell’s released two singles on Carla Records in 1966,‘ I Want To Be Yours’ b/w ‘ Pain In My Heart’ and my personal favorite, ‘You Better Move’ b/w ‘ Pain In My Heart’ (reissued).

Carla issued 3 singles on Deon Jackson in 1966, ‘Love Takes A Long Time Growing’ b/w ‘ Hush Little Baby’, ‘ I Can't Do Without You’ b/w ‘ That’s What You Do To Me’, and  ‘When Your Love Has Gone’ b/w ‘ Hard To Get A Thing Called Love’. The classic ‘Ooo Baby’ b/w ‘All On A Sunny Day’ hit
(No. 28 R&B Dec 30, 1967) while ‘You Gotta Love’ b/w  'You'll Wake Up Wiser Baby’ his last Carla release, failed to chart. The late Bert Berns signed Deon to his Shout label in 1969 and produced Jackson’s final single, ‘I'll Always Love You’ b/w ‘Life Can Be That Way’.

Atco Records (Atlantic’s subsidiary label) released Deon’s 'Love Makes The World Go Round ’LP in the spring of 1966, featuring a combination of Jackson’s early recordings with his contemporary 66’ singles releases.

Deon moved to New York and became a pianist at Rodney Dangerfield’s club and at Bachelor’s III owned by New York Jets legends Joe Namath and Matt Snell. Chicago became his permit hometown in 1970, where he resided with his wife and continued to perform.

In 2008, Jackson’s music resurfaced on You Tube discovered by his students attending Wheaton
Warrenville High School in Wheaton, Illinois, where Deon is employed as a student supervisor. He occasionally performed in the U. K. but sadly nowadays, prefers not to anymore.

Not only Billy, Sherry, Bobby and Marsha and, baby you and I, shared the warm sentiments of Deon’s
lyrics pulsating through our love struck hearts but in world full of anguish and distrust, an axis called ‘love’ will continue as a musical carousel to rotate the globe.

                                                                   Soulfully Yours,

                                                                        Mike Boone

                                                                 (Chancellor of Soul)

                                                                     (Dec 2008)

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